Brunch Charcuterie Board

Prep Time: 20 min.
Creation Time: 10 min.
1 Bottle STOUT Bloody Mary Blend
Block Habanero Jack Cheese - Wisconsin Cheese Company
Block Colby Jack Cheese - Wisconsin Cheese Company
Block Baby Swiss Cheese - Wisconsin Cheese Company
Mixed Cheese Curds - Wisconsin Cheese Company
Jalapeno Cheese Curbs - Wisconsin Cheese Company
1 Jar Anchovy Stuffed Olives - Donostia
Carolina Reaper Jerky - Wisconsin Cheese Company
1 Jar Anchovy Stuffed Olives - Donostia
1 Pack - Garlic Meat Sticks - Wisconsin Cheese Company
1 Box - Your Favorite Crackers
Black Cherry Jam - Wisconsin Cheese Company
Lemon Curd Spread - Trader Joe's


Grab your favorite cutting board, large platter or shallow basket. Doesn’t have to be anything fancy just something you can hold all your goodies. Unwrap cheese and meats and place on board. Add olives to small glass bowl and add to board. Don’t worry about crowding! Grab some knives, crack open your spreads and set aside.

Lastly grab your STOUT mix and vodka to whip up some Bloody’s. Wallah! You’ve made a brunch charcuterie board.

About the products we used

Best of Wisconsin

Best of Wisconsin Shop, also known as Wisconsin's Best, is located in Oregon, Wisconsin. They are a privately held growing family company that has a mission to bring delicious quality Wisconsin Cheese and Sausage products to customers throughout the United States.

All of their products are made with quality precision to ensure you receive the finest and most consistently great cheese and sausage every time you purchase one of their creamy, aged or smoked cheese and sausages.

They are unique in what they offer as they combine Wisconsin Cheese and Sausage packages. You can purchase their famous Wisconsin Cheese Curds, our naturally smoked sausages, a combination of smoked summer sausage with Jalapeno peppers or one of their great cheese and sausage gift boxes. They happily find a way to many of our customers tables or events over and over again.

Where to buy: Their Online Shop

6632 Telegraph #205, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, 48301
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