Feta Avocado Toast

You either love avocado toast or you can't stand to hear about it anymore. These days every brunch menu seems to include it. As "basic" as it is the toast is pretty tasty and actually pretty healthy for you too. What's not to like about that? Plus you can top it with just about anything like eggs, anchovies, truffle oil, feta and the list goes on. 

Before we dive into the recipe we want to ensure you knew everything about this delicious cheese we're going to use as a topping. You never know when you will need some cheese facts for your next dinner party. 

What is feta? The word feta comes from an ancient Greek word meaning slice. It is a brined curd white cheese usually made from sheep’s milk or a combination of sheep and goat’s milk, giving it a signature tangy flavor.

How Is It Made? Feta is a protected designation of origin product, which means that it can only be called feta if it’s made in Greece. Many cheeses are produced similarly, but if it’s not made in Greece, it’s not feta. 

Health Benefits Feta not only tastes great; it’s also a beneficial part of any diet. Feta contains calcium, which strengthens bones and teeth, promotes heart health, and supports muscle strength. A single ounce serving of feta will cover 14% of your recommended daily calcium intake.  It also contains vitamin B12, which increases energy and keeps red blood cells healthy. Feta does contain sodium, and so it shouldn’t be consumed in large quantities. However, feta does have a lower sodium and fat content than most cheeses, so it makes a great healthy alternative to many common dairy products.

Greek on Wheels 


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